Male champagne of 35,000 euros from the hands

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Male champagne of 35,000 euros from the hands

Entrance to nightclub: € 75. Magnum bottle of champagne: € 35.000€. The bottle out of your hands: priceless!! Exactly this happened recently in a tough club on the party island of Ibiza.

Fortunately, we have the images yet. You must already have a certain type of man to be such a magnum bottle of champagne to purchase in a trendy nightclub in Ibiza. Men trying to please each other and the last to be stuck in this kind of clubs to show how much money they have.

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Who, as a bottle of 35,000 euro, order, get all the attention. The music goes off and the spotlight, so that everyone has the ‘big spender’ as you can see. Then the stage filled with dozens of champagne glasses.

Everything that you as a celebrated boy, than have to do, is the megafles to open, and a deafening cheer will take off. However, that was something too much to ask for this man, who, with his fumbling them laughing. Who would you all be happy with 35,000 euros, we think, but yes.

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