Gewelddadigste year in two decades last year to 19,000 deaths due to organized crime in Mexico

In Mexico, organized crime in 2017 just to 19,000 deaths caused. Calculated the ngo Semaforo Delictivo. It comes to the gewelddadigste year in two decades.

The ngo calculated that in approximately 75 percent of the 25.339 murders last year were recorded, either 18.989, to settlements went between criminal gangs. That is an increase of 55 percent compared to 2016. ‘What we used per year all, we have now per month, ” says Santiago Roel, director of Semaforo Delictivo. According to him, the number of executions in 2006, to “only” 2.100.

The increase in the number of homicides in 26 of the 32 federal states. The most amazing was that in the state of Nayarit: +554 percent. Also the states of Baja California Sur (northwest) and Quintana Roo (east) – known to the toeristsiche beach resorts of Los Cabos and Cancun – had significant increases of respectively 192 and 118 percent.

According to the ngo, the figures in the ‘total failure’ of the security policy of the government of Enrique Peña Nieto. He continued with the hard strategy of his predecessor Felipe Calderon, and mobilized the army in the fight against drug cartels. The policy led to the arrest of many key individuals from the criminal milieu, but also had a downside: the cartels versplinterden and enter this increasingly bitter territoriumstrijden.

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