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General manager Philippe Bormans get on at STVV

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General manager of Sint-Truiden, Philippe Bormans, the collaboration with the football club stop. Bormans would be unhappy with the new organization under the Japanese owners. That report TV Limburg and het belang van Limburg on Wednesday.

Since the acquisition of STVV by the Japanese onlinebedrijf blowing a new wind at Stayen. It would appear, however, that Philippe Bormans is no longer a place for itself in the plans of president Yusuke Muranaka and the Japanese bestuurstop. Maastricht, the CEO might even be a few other options in the soccer ball behind the hand. If the Japanese Bormans on board wants to keep, there will be substantive and financial guarantees should follow.

At STVV supply for the time being no comment. “We’ll be here at the appropriate time, over communicate”, let spokesman Fiorenzo Mostien to Belga recording.

Philippe Bormans since 2014 CEO of STVV. He started his career at the football club as ticketverantwoordelijke and entitled to a correspondent, but was on his 26th appointed as the youngest general manager in the Belgian first division.

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