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Four Belgians in the top-six in openingtijdrit Sharjah Tour

The Belgian riders are well started on the Sjarjah Tour, a stage race (2.1) in the United Arab Emirates. But less than four fellow countrymen obtained a place in the top six in the openingstijdrit of 10.2 kilometer. The profit was for the Frenchman Julien Morice, who, as the new French team Vital Concept his first victory ever gave.

Julien Morice was in the chronorit slightly faster than our compatriots Gaetan Bille (2 seconds), Kirs Boeckmans (4 seconds), Elias Of Breussegem (4 seconds) and Michael Goolaerts (6 seconds).

1 Julien Morice (Fra/Vital Concept Cycling Club) 12:48

2 Gaetan Bille (Bel/Sovac – Natura4Ever) 0:02

3 Kris Boeckmans (Bel/Vital Concept Cycling Club) 0:04

4 Elias Of Breussegem (Call/Vérandas Willems-Crelan) z.t.

5 Marco Coledan (Ita/Wilier Triestina – Selle Italia) 0:05

6 Michael Goolaerts (Bel/Vérandas Willems-Crelan) 0:06

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