Eleven dead in double bombing in Libya

61f1ec8eed48548e654a3ebeba482821 - Eleven dead in double bombing in Libya

In a double attack in the Eastern Libyan city of Benghazi are definitely 27 people to the life and 42 injured. Some of the injured are still in critical condition, it sounds Tuesday night at ziekenhuisbronnen.

In the area of Al-Salmani went shortly after the other two bombs near a mosque. Eyewitnesses report that the first bomb exploded when worshippers the mosque left. Libyan media reports that a leader of a local militia has been killed. Who is responsible for the attack, is still unclear.

In Benghazi began in 2011, the uprising against former ruler Muammar Gaddafi. After the civil war that followed, was for many years fought for the city. She was under the control of an alliance of mainly islamist militias. In the summer of last year, the mighty military leader Khalifa Haftar control over the important port city.

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