Doubts about the fate of the prisoners Alcatraz

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Never has someone managed to escape from the prison of Alcatraz. Although: from a letter that recently surfaced, needs to prove that there’s still three men in their escape survived.

The prison on the tiny island of Alcatraz off the coast of San Francisco was barely 29 years, from 1934 to 1963, but over three decades built a highly secure complex with a whole reputation …

The prison on the tiny island of Alcatraz off the coast of San Francisco was barely 29 years, from 1934 to 1963, but over three decades built a highly secure complex an entire reputation on. The guests that stayed there were not the least.

Bill (as George ‘Machine Gun’ Kelly (a kidnapper and a bank robber) or Ellsworth Raymond ‘Bumpy’ Johnson (a drug and all-round gangster), James ‘Whitey’ Bulger (a frog-like mafioso who was condemned because of murder, drug dealing, extortion and things of that nature). The most famous of all not to forget Al Capone, the legendary mob boss from Chicago.

The complex was also strictly monitored. And if someone from his cell to get, which is still the mainland to reach. Of the 1,576 prisoners ever incarcerated were, there would never be someone escaped. Not that nobody has tried: officially, there are fourteen attempts.

Framed, shot, drowned

Some came up with a cunning plan, such as John Giles, who, during his service in the laundry for an army uniform and managed to get hold of and with that disguise on board of a boat. Unfortunately for him, that boat, not to the mainland, but to a different island, where he quickly discovered he was.

Others tried it with brutal violence, such as the six prisoners who, in 1946, some of the warders overmeesterden and so to arms fell away. During the subsequent ‘battle of Alcatraz’ came two warders and got 18 injured. The rebellious prisoners were eventually with the help of the army overpowered.

Of the 36 men that their chance ventured, there were eventually 23 captured during their escape. Six were shot and two drowned there. Of five others, there is no trace found, but they are officially listed as ‘presumed drowned’: it is assumed that none of the dangerous swim two kilometres through the cold and turbulent water to a good end. They are drowned and their bodies have drifted to the ocean, was the generally accepted theory.

And then dive that letter

But is that really the case? Conclusive evidence that the five are actually dead, there is not, and now could the American television station KPIX 5 the hands on a letter that one of them would have written in 2013. “My name is John Anglin. I escaped in June 1962, from Alcatraz with my brother Clarence and Frank Morris. I’m 83 and I’m not the best. I have cancer. Yes, we made it that night, in the nick of time! ” reads the message. There is even tried to close a deal with the police: “When you get on television make it clear that I no longer than a year to the cell and need medical care get it, then I will let you know where I’m exactly located. This is not a joke.’

A filmcenario

The brothers Anglin and Morris had their escape for months in preparation. In the night of 11 June 1962 could the three bank robbers with a drill, ineengeknutseld with parts of a fan, the verluchtingsschachten to build a wider base, so they it could crawl. Then they knew themselves between the drains of the complex, to pave the way to the roof. From there went along a chimney down again, where they had a raft that they had made from more than 50 raincoats to water left. Only the next morning were warders in their cells the heads of paper-mâché which the three had used to let them believe that they braafjes on their british were sleeping.

In short, the better screenplay, and that is Holywood not fail to notice: in the 1979 film of Don Siegel the story in Escape from Alcatraz, with Clint Eastwood in the starring role. That film left a hint that the trio to the mainland reached and the letter which now sprung up is need to confirm that that indeed was the case. After his escape he lived in Seattle, North Dakota and California, the breifschrijver. His companions would already have died.

Photos and christmas cards

KPIX 5 brought an expert on who thinks that it is indeed quite possible for someone to the crossing could create: If the security officer wants that Jeff Harp like to believe that no thief could escape, but as someone who is also in the bay is swimming, he must admit that it is not impossible. “We hold here each year, a triathlon, and everyone takes the swim part to a good end.’

Also, the FBI keeps all options open and admits that this letter is the most recent piece is that them requires, in this cold case back from under the dust to pick up. Besides, it is not the only document that doubt sow. So say some of the relatives of the Anglins that they in the years after the escape, christmas cards received from the brothers and went into hiding, there are photos of men who (according to some) will be very very hard on them looked. But no single document could be definitive, just as the letter which now appeared no conclusive answer.

As they are today in life, Frank Morris, aged 90, John Anglin is 86 and Clarence Anglin 87.

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