Danish inventor folterde journalist for murder

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The Danish inventor Peter Madsen tied the Swedish journalist Kim Wall fixed and folterde her for he her killed aboard his homemade submarine. That is stated in the indictment.

Madsen was last week indicted for murder, lijkschennis and sexual aggression.

According to the indictments tied the 47-year-old inventor’s head, arms and legs of the journalist, for he hit her and stabbed and cut. From the autopsy showed that the woman several knife wounds in her groin area.

Then he killed her and cut her body into pieces. Her torso, head and legs he put in several bags, which he with metal objects heavy and in the sea”.

Cause of death

Wall had on the tenth of August, and agreed with the eccentric inventor, to put together a first tour to make his homemade submarine, the UC3 Nautillus. Later that month, washed her torso in the vicinity of Copenhagen. The submarine has Madsen sink.

The cause of death could not be established with certainty, but the detectives believe that Madsen her either strangled or her throat has you’re.

The plaintiffs arguments that Madsen said the murder was planned because he items like a saw, and screwdrivers meehad which he Wall edited while she was still alive.


During a search on a computer that by Madsen was used, also images of women being tortured and strangled, and then beheaded.

The inventor has admitted that he Wall in his submarine in pieces cut, but he denies that he has been murdered or sexually abused. He claims that her death an accident.

On march 8, begins its process, and the ruling on april 25 are expected. The prosecutors go lifelong claim.

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