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Chief Hopper dances with penguins

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David Harbour, Chief Hopper in ‘Stranger things’, starts off with Greenpeace to Antarctica, thanks to fans that a message 200,000 times retweet. But is it for the penguins or for love?

The Netflix series Stranger things can hardly become even more popular – not to teenagers and twenty-somethings – but the actor, David Harbour, that police chief Jim Hopper plays in the series, say yes. Harbour know the way with social media: he has a wildly popular instagrampagina and several of his tweets go viral. It helps that he has a sense of humor and his promises. When a fan asked him how many times her message to him had to be from for he with in the picture wanted in the yearbook of her school, he replied: ‘25.000 times. And only if I have a sweatshirt from your school get and a trombone may hold in the photos.’ The tweet was many more times shared, Harbour, went to her school and posed, in the sweatshirt, with the trombone, in a series of photos.

Greenpeace had is that have to realize when Harbour this week, very innocent asked: “how many retweets do I need to get somewhere to get where I am emperor penguins can tell that they are excellent parents? Chief Hopper can maybe dance to do.” The environmental organization said. “Hmm, if you are above the 200,000 hits, we ask the captain or you can join on our expedition to Antarctica with the penguins to dance. #StrangerThings have happened.’

Chief Hopper-how to dance

Indeed, there are already gekkere things happened, because Harbour launched Monday immediately a call to his fans. “Listen, internet, I am a giver. But this time I need you. I have a 200,000 retweets need to dance with the penguins. Retweet this message, please.’ Within five hours, the goal was reached. Greenpeace has now confirmed that he will join him on the expedition. Harbour thanked with a meme of the typical dance of Chief Hopper.

Of course, there were also critical voices. Places to Antarctica are scarce and expensive, and who is not with scientific purposes, should really stay away from one of the last untouched areas of this planet. Others pointed to the publicity that the stunt is already rewarding, and will muster in Harbour, indeed next to an emperor penguin is photographed.

But for the Harbour is the expedition, perhaps even more so. He is recently set with the actress and singer Alison Sudol from the Fantastic beastsmovies. Sudol has been around since 2011 ambassador of the environmental organization International Union for Conservation of Nature. After they in October, an article about the melting polar ice ride shared, Greenpeace makes her their ambassador for the Antarctic: she also goes on to join an expedition. It seems that Greenpeace two popular actors for the price of one cabin has scored.

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