50 Cent was forgotten that he bitcoins has

50 Cent was forgotten that he bitcoins has

A remarkable financial windfall this week for rapper 50 Cent. The American still had somewhere a pair of old bitcoins ‘are’, that now, million worth to prove.


50 Cent released in 2014 the album ‘Animal Ambition’ and fans could pay with bitcoins. The artist was one of the first to use the digital currency to be accepted. But he forgot then that he had.

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According to TMZ raked Curtis Jackson, as the rapper actually called, around 700 bitcoins. The value of the currency stood at about 662 dollars. Now it is multiple it has become, more than 7 million dollars on his bank credit.

In 2015 early 50 Cent still file for bankruptcy. The rapper lost a lawsuit and had $ 5 million to pay damages to a woman.

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