Tsunamialarm in Alaska: ‘Dangerous, destructive waves as possible’


In the southeast of Alaska is Tuesday morning (by the end of Tuesday, local time, red.) a tsunamialarm proclaimed. That happened after a heavy earthquake with a strength of 8.2 on the Richter scale off the coast of the U.s. state of Alaska.

According to the National Tsunami Waarschuwingscentrum of the USA is code red of the tsunamialarm of application for the coasts of Alaska and the Canadian province of British Columbia. Residents are advised to higher area to search, or to further inland to draw.

On the basis of bevingsparameters there are, according to the National Tsunami Waarschuwingscentrum of the US ‘dangerous, destructive tsunamigolven possible in coastal areas even far from the epicenter of the quake’. Also for the entire west coast of the USA (the states of Oregon, California and Washington) and the state of Hawaii, there is vigilance and a warning issued. The Japanese meteorological services continue to monitor the situation, but to send at the moment no tsunamialarm.

In the meantime, reports of waves up to 10 metres high to the northeast of the epicenter of the quake.

“Longest earthquake”

Nathaniel Moore, who was in a boat was sitting close to Kodiak, an island for Alaska, says the U.s. channel CNN that he made the earth for a couple of minutes firmly felt shaking. Immediately after that, he went together with other fishermen to higher altitudes. “The whole village is now evacuated.’

Heather Rand lives in Anchorage, in Alaska and told CNN that the ” the longest earthquake they ever felt.”

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The quake took place 250 kilometers of the place Chiniak, at a depth of 10 metres. With a strength of 8.2 on the Richter scale is the currently the most powerful earthquake of the year.

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