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Supporters find Buffalo Beat but nothing, and AA Gent carries the idea already

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AA Gent wants to innovate. And so did the singer Isolde Lasoen a Buffalo Beat develop. Who had Sunday should sound when Club Brugge visit. Problem: the Ghent fans are not really convinced of their own beat. After many complaints from the supporters decided AA Gent to the idea already.

AA Gent has Buffalo Beats so quickly disposed of, after the many negative reactions of the fans. Gent let know today on the clubwebsite that the plan will not continue:

“Dear supporters,

We find that there are a lot of questions and concerns about the ‘Buffalo Beat’. We would like to emphasize that the video’s aim was for the supporters on the familietribune in the Ghelamco Arena. This we have not at all be clearly communicated. It originated from an idea of a number of supporters of the Ghent sfeergroepen to – together with our partners, families and children, in a fun way the top match against Club Brugge experience.

Our intention was never to give you something to do. This rhythm was one of the many initiatives of our supporters to Sunday for even more ambiance to ensure than there already is. So would drummer Gaetan 15 additional drummers bring. You are right when you say that you there is no manual for it. It was also the moment was not well chosen: in the run-up to the important match against Antwerp, and the ” home against Club Brugge, one of the matches of the year, if not the match. A contest that is always already atmosphere! Therefore, we stop this idea, but better go back in the closet…

We want to be together and united to the race of Sunday toeleven. We will have Club Brugge as always a warm welcome and we count on all of you to our team to victory shout. We know that you are there no need help.”

“No new supporterslied”

The Gent supporters provide an aired backlash yesterday won their dissatisfaction via Facebook, with the result (see below).

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