Russia doesn’t allow the Death of Stalin shortly before the premiere

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Just a few days before the scheduled premiere, the Russian ministry of Culture is a satirical film about Sovjetdictator Joseph Stalin prohibited. The painting ‘Death of Stalin, the British director Armando Iannucci, is violating the law, the ministry in Moscow.

Originally, the British-French production with Jeffrey Tambor and Steve Buscemi this week in the Russian cinemas to see. In the film the last days of the dictator (1878-1953) and the power struggle after his death themed. The deputies in the Duma had the picture already as it is unbearable-defined and a ban is required. In Belgium, the film from april 18 in the halls.

The reign of terror of Stalin reached 80 years ago, its peak. Many Russians revere him, however, as the man who took the Soviet Union to victory against nazi Germany led.

At the beginning of February celebrates Russia the end of the Battle of Stalingrad, in 1943, a turning point in the Second world War heralded.

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