Ronnie Flex enraged at bad joke Radio 538

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Ronnie Flex enraged at bad joke Radio 538

Radio 538 has an awkward tweet posted, and has apologised. After it was known that the 25-year-old rapper Ronnie Flex has a record to kick the habit, came to the radio station with a ‘brilliant hoax’. That shot at the rapper completely in the wrong throat.

‘Here with your account

Radio 538 currently has the popular action called ‘Here with your account’, where listeners accounts can submit their striking purchases or vacations. The radio station pays some of those bills.

“Joint too much smoked? Rehab in a private clinic? Here with your account, 538 pay”, tweeted radio station 538.

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Ronnie responds

Ronnie Flex, could not to laugh. Monday he has on Instagram has announced that he is in a clinic record, in order of his wielverslaving to come off. He responded to 538: “You go superslecht. But you have never kept a black one, so I’m not surprised…”.

The radio shortly after the message is deleted, and later apologized. “The tweet was not useful. Lots of strength the coming period and we hope that provides young people with the same problem inspires.”

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