‘Racism’ in the space

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It had a historic mission must be for Jeanette Epps this summer. But the afro-American astronaute may still ultimately not get to the International Space station travel. Racism, according to her brother.

The Nasa made last week that Jeanette Epps in June not to the International Space station (ISS) will travel. It had a ‘historic mission’ should be, because the 47-year-old Epps would be the first …

The Nasa made last week that Jeanette Epps in June not to the International Space station (ISS) will travel. It had a ‘historic mission’ should be, because the 47-year-old Epps would be the first woman of African-American origin have been for a long time – 143 days to be exact – in the ISS would stay. Epps had, however, long been prepared, inter alia, in Russia and Kazakhstan. That they are replaced by Serena Auñon-Chancellor, was the only thing that the American space agency initially wanted at the sudden decision.

Racism and misogyny

According to Henry Epps, the brother of Jeanette, are pure discrimination. “My sister dr. Jeanette Epps has always been to fight against oppressive racism and misogyny at Nasa and now they love her again by her place to a white astronaute to give’, he wrote on Facebook. ‘We have all the progress that we have over the past 40 years, have booked again kwijtgespeeld? No longer! We can no longer tolerate what is happening in America, we need to put together a front and behind our people and our nation.” He added there is also a link to a petition to her yet to leave.

That Facebookpost is now taken offline, but the petition was already in use by hundreds of people signed, also by a few relatives of Epps. The astronaute itself has not yet responded to the claim that the racism would go. The conscious petition is, according to her, also not initiated by herself or by someone of her family.

Doctor, CIA agent, astronaut

On questions of American media why they have to replace it, she gave no comment. Only that they have no medical or family problems that would prevent to go to the ISS to leave. The training in Russia and Kazakhstan were also successful, according to her. According to the cv, where the organizers of the petition with unpacking, she seems to be also a suitable candidate: she earned a doctorate as a luchtvaartingenieur and worked for a while for the CIA, with missions in Iraq) for them at Nasa started to work. All these elements of speculation determined not be silenced.

Nasa kept it after the commotion that had arisen in the simple statement that “diversity and inclusion are part of successful missions,” and that the various astronaut corps that reflects. Epps would still be eligible for later missions, according to Nasa.

There is still a little bit of history written

Besides, it is not the first time that Nasa astronauts will replace. Usually it is for medical reasons. One of the most famous examples of this is Ken Mattingly who in 1970 not to get to go with Apollo 13 because he is short for the launch has been exposed to the measles. He would eventually be part of the team on the ground that the flight was safely back on earth brought after an oxygen tank explodes was – you know: ‘Okay, Houston, we’ve had a problem’, such as the well known quote historically correct was.

So far, only 14 astronauts of African-American origin to the space traveled. Some of them visited the ISS recently, but none of them stayed there for a long time.

If Nasa cannot change your mind and Epps leave behind, then there this summer, still a bit of history: Serena Auñon-Chancellor would be the first woman of Latino descent to be a long time in the ISS resides.

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