Purple Teletubby ‘Tinky Winky’ death

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Actor Simon Shelton (52), which became known as Tinky Winky, the purple Teletubby in the series ‘Teletubbies’, has died.

Actually, he was not in the original ‘Teletubbies’-cast, but when Dave Thompson after more than 70 episodes as Tinky Winky was fired, grabbed Simon Shelton his chance. Since 1997, would the actor is always seen as the purple Teletubby.

A role that he in contrast to his predecessor, especially accurate, and enthusiastically performed, according to the BBC. When there are questions about the attributes of Tinky Winky, was Shelton, the first to a spray lance to break up for his role. The red handbag that the purple Teletubby often had led to discussions about the orientation of Tinky Winky. Shelton said there is friendly but brief: “I think That’s a very weird discussion since Tinky Winky just three years old.”

Bright colors

In a Facebookbericht let the son of Shelton to know that the actor at the age of 52 died. ‘I was ashamed of me, always, that my father danced and acted for children’, it sounds. “But eventually I was very proud of him. Now I’m going to live as he me that has learned. And I’m not going to be sad, because that he would not be wanted.”

The actor, who has three children and a wife leaves, on February 7, buried. The attendees were asked to make outfits with bright colors to wear.

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