Netflix is growing like cabbage by hit tv shows

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Netflix is growing like cabbage by hit tv shows

The use of Netflix is growing rapidly ©ANP

It goes well with Netflix. The videostreamingdienst got there in the last quarter of 2017 to 8.3 million customers. This is still more than analysts had predicted. They went from an increase of 6.3 million.

Also in the Netherlands, Netflix, and more. Beginning 2017 were 2 million households, and at the end of the year, this number had risen to 2.6 million. This means that about 1 in 3 households in our country use Netflix. Worldwide, the service has the 117.6 million subscribers.

The cast of hbo’s hit series Stranger Things ©ANP

Own productions

Netflix is more than just a streaming service. They are also increasingly active in producing its own television series and films. Recent examples of successful ‘Netflix Originals’ are: 13 Reasons Why, Dark, Narcos and The Crown. The most popular series produced by Netflix, is Stranger Things. This hit series, which, in 2017, the second season released, has for a large part, contributed to the success of the past year.

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The success of the Netflix Originals has ensured that there is always more confidence in these productions. In 2018, the company wants to roughly 8 billion by investing in making its own productions and movies. These are no longer only English-language stories. A good example is the German series of Dark, which is also internationally well-scored. In november, it was announced that Netflix is also a Dutch-language series will produce. Undercover is a Flemish-Dutch co-operation. About this series is still little known but that Anna Drijver and Frank Lammers a leading role in the play.

Kevin Spacey

The revenue of Netflix rose over the past three months with a third to nearly 3.3 billion dollars. The net profit tripled to 185,5 million dollars. The company reported 39 million dollars on unreleased content.

This has everything to do with the discredited Kevin Spacey and his sexual misconduct during the #metoo-discussion came up. Netflix responded to House of Cards in the to shorten the and the actor is not more in the series to play. House of Cards has been rewritten and this year will be the last season. Robin Wright, who was the wife of Spacey plays in the series, will be back. Also a film in which Spacey has a starring role, was just for release date deleted.

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