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Manchester United remains the richest club in the world, Barcelona lost its second place

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Manchester United, the club of the Red Devils, Romelu Lukaku and Marouane Fellaini, will retain his title of richest club in the world. This is evident from an annual study by auditing firm Deloitte. The English football club, which is Monday night still insured of the services of the Chilean attacker Alexis Sanchez, generated in the season 2016-2017 676.3 million euros in revenue.

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Last year ManU and Real Madrid for the first time in eleven years of the lead to be disposed of. The Royal fell then to the third spot, but could again this season to move up to second place. The People of madrid showed an increase of 54.5 million euro to revenue growth, but remain 1.7 million behind Manchester United continue to lag. Never was the margin between the numbers one and two in the ranking of Deloitte is so small.

Manchester United won last season’s Europa League, in the final Ajax to beat, and placed themselves so for the kampioenenbal this season. Its profit in the second European cup brought the Mancunians a premium of 44.5 million euros, four times as much as Atlético Madrid six years ago, earned her victory in the Europa League. The efforts of UEFA, the Europa League is financially more interesting to make, have Manchester United, so a little push.

FC Barcelona lost its second place in the standings to rival Real Madrid and drops to three. The top five is rounded out by Bayern Munich (fourth) and Manchester City (fifth). PSG comes seventh in the ranking, just after Arsenal.

The 20 richest clubs in the world

Ranking of the twenty richest clubs in the world during the season 2016-2017, according to the annual study by the auditing firm Deloitte:

1. Manchester United (Eng) 676.3 million euro (=)

2. Real Madrid (Spa) 674,6 (+1)

3. FC Barcelona (Spa) 648,3 (-1)

4. Bayern Munich (Ger) 587,8 (=)

5. Manchester City (Eng) 527,7 (=)

6. Arsenal (Eng) 487,6 (+1)

7. Paris Saint-Germain 486,2 (-1)

8. Chelsea (Eng) 428 (=)

9. Liverpool (Eng) 424,2 (=)

10. Juventus (Ita) 405,7 (=)

11. Tottenham (Eng) 355,6 (+1)

12. Borussia Dortmund (Ger) 332,6 (-1)

13. Atletico Madrid (Spa) 272,5 (=)

14. Leicester City (Eng) 271,1 (+6)

15. Internazionale (Ita) 262,1 (+4)

16. Schalke 04 (Dui) 230,2 (-2)

17. West Ham United (Eng) 213,3 (+1)

18. Southampton (Eng) 212,1 (new in top 20)

19. Napoli (Ita) 200,7 (new in top 20)

20. Everton (Eng) 199,2 (new in top 20)

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