London area evacuated after gas leak

5c308a43bb4c16c6b72503501066d188 - London area evacuated after gas leak

In the heart of London in the night of Monday to Tuesday over 1.450 people from a nightclub and a hotel evacuated because of a broken gas line. That has the fire department Tuesday morning communicated.

The emergency services sizes in the air of a high concentration of natural gas and left as a precaution, the buildings in the popular entertainment district of the West End of clearing. That happened shortly after 2 a.m. local time.

Also a main street and the Charing Cross station were closed. The police calls to the neighborhood to avoid. The ousting of the near threatened Tuesday morning for big traffic chaos to ensure.

About the cause of the leak is not entirely clear, reports a spokesman of the fire brigade. Engineers try in the meantime, still have to get the leak to isolate.

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