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First: Zverev is the first player punished for a lack of commitment

0902d6839896f47a45fdfb992950ebcc - First: Zverev is the first player punished for a lack of commitment

The German Mischa Zverev (ATP 35) is Tuesday as the first tennis player penalized for a lack of commitment. Zverev gave up on in his first round of the Australian Open and have a hefty fine to pay to the International tennis federation (ITF), which is the new line supposed to put an end to the many questionable assignments.

Zverev left Melbourne after a loss in the first set (6-1) against the South-Korean Chung Hyeon (ATP 58), the later revelation of the tournament. The German had the right to 47.000 dollar (more than 38,000 euros) prize money after his task, but should now be $ 45,000 (more than 36,000 euros) refund.

According to the new rule, which applies only to grandslamtoernooien, any player who registers for the main table of the singles and give up or play “under the professional standards” be sentenced to a penalty that is as high as the prize money that he opstreek.

The many early withdrawals, officially due to injuries, and especially last year at Wimbledon, took care of the new line. In Melbourne the rule was inaugurated.

If the players is in advance forced to give up their first round, they can be fifty per cent of their premium reserve. So can a lucky loser fished. Who gets the other half of the premium.

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