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F1-pilot Brendon Hartley will enter into tie the knot

783fc351379101f02d2637a4d9f6e80e - F1-pilot Brendon Hartley will enter into tie the knot

Hartley announced on Twitter that he has the biggest contract of his life, has signed on 18 January 2018. The Kiwi was referring to the agreement he made with his wife Sarah signed.

At the end of last year the New Zealander somewhat unexpected his debut in Formula 1, after his F1 dream actually had already specified. Just a few months later, Hartley got married and he is allowed to his first full F1 season to start.

“An incredible start from 2018 with friends and family,” let Hartley know. “Of course, there is also a large contract that I have with Sarah have signed”

It is the new Toro Rosso driver heavy that his homeland must leave but he is also curious what the new step in his career him will bring.

“It strikes me heavily that I have to leave the plane and my home have to say goodbye. At the same time, I look greatly forward to being there again to fly and see what 2018 has to offer. Thank you New Zealand, it’s been amazing.”

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