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Belgian film sector gives pirates a taste of their own medicine

7070b8aadd045a6e0f15db1bfee59827 - Belgian film sector gives pirates a taste of their own medicine

Who these days illegal to a movie or tv series watching, in the middle of the movie action or be surprised with a very personal message in the subtitles. So would the Belgian film industry (the Belgian Entertainment Association (BEA) and the Federation of cinemas of Belgium) in a playful way a powerful signal against the illegal downloading of films and series.

Who is making a film illegally download, are looking for also have the corresponding subtitles. That’s usually a simple text file that you at the same time with the movie from the internet. Communications agency TBWA devised for the Belgian film industry, the subtle ‘prank’ as the original campaign tool: pirates are caught up with their own resources a little joke out of it… illegal subtitles. Suddenly gives the story a surprising turn.

With a playful wink seems all of a sudden, as if Samuel L. Jackson in ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’ the illegal viewer speaks directly and says that you should not download. Or the police inspectors from ‘The Bridge’ season 4 seem to be the illegal downloader with him at home on the track. Also the subtitles of ‘Logan Lucky’ and ‘The Foreigner’ were edited.

In a few weeks time, these were ‘edited subtitles’ 10.000 times downloaded. The viewer feels not only caught, but realizes immediately that you from illegal source is not per se a real quality product to ingest.

‘We are working together with various production houses and distributors, here in Belgium up to in Hollywood, ” says Pieter Swaelens, ceo of BEA. ‘The whole of the industry stands behind this action.’

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