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As you move your playlists to another music service

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Just as energy supplier you may also want to heard of streaming service exchange. Only, what do you do with all those playlists in recent years have carefully built up? Just move, of course – with a Stamp that is a piece of cake.

There are several reasons why you should switch to a different muziekstreamingdienst. To start with, the price: when you have an account at a new provider, then the first three months is often free of charge or you pay only 99 cents per month. A gain of at least 27 euros. Or maybe connect the music catalog of Spotify or Apple’s Music simply just that bit better for your taste than that of your current service. Also, voice control can be an argument to your salvation elsewhere to search. Just think of the new Sonos One speaker, who did voice support for Spotify, and Amazon Music, but not (yet) for Google Play Music or Deezer.

Painstaking work?

Migrate to another service provider also has drawbacks. So should the new service completely from scratch to your taste of music to learn (a process that months can take it) and you are also all your favorite songs and perhaps dozens of playlists will be lost. Fortunately, you don’t need all the hand again, what a great challenge: the program Stamp turn up the music almost automatically for you.

Stamp is available as an app for iOS and Android, but also as a desktop agent for Windows, macOS and Linux. With the basic free version, am you not so much, thus you can per session only ten songs and one playlist to transfer. The full version will cost 8,99 euro for the desktopuitvoering or the app, but we opted for the reasonably priced bundle of 12,99 euros you on all the mentioned platforms at the same time, can install.

You want only one solution, then we recommend you to get the desktop version to go: that is the only one with all the leading on-board services (in the iOS app is missing Deezer, the Android app needs to do without Apple’s Music). Other supported services include Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Tidal and a handy extra – YouTube, so you also your lists with video clips in ‘classic’ playlists to pour. Also tables and text documents with the CSV format effortlessly by Stamp imported.

Free scan

On the operation of Stamp, we can continue to be short: you click on the service to where you have a subscription, and then select an other service as the destination. The method differs a little from service to service, and, of course, you will Stamp also with access to your accounts at both services. Those links can then incidentally, feel free to undo: they are only needed for the conversion.

Finally, a few points to consider. How versatile the Stamp is, some migrations are not supported. From Spotify to Deezer, for example – which is surprising, given the reverse direction, however, succeed. Furthermore, it can happen that some songs can not move, for the simple reason that the new streamingmuziekdienst they are not in the catalog. Stayed with us the damage, however limited to a handful of tracks.

You are not connected to a streaming service, but consider you have a subscription? Try definitely have a Stamp to Match. This separate tool will scan a free mp3 music library on your computer and tell you in which department the overlap is the greatest. This function works for the time being, only in conjunction with Spotify, Apple, Music and Google Play Music.

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