Amnesty: ‘the EU is complicit in the torture of migrants in Libya’

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“The European Union is complicit in the torture of Sudanese migrants in Libya.’ That says Eva Berghmans, policy coordinator of Amnesty International, on the occasion of the horrifying videos that the public broadcaster VRT Tuesday afternoon in The Journal transmitted.

On the images to see how family members of Sudanese migrants pressured to be with videos on WhatsApp that their relatives in Libya to be tortured. The message reads that the family large sums of ransom money to pay so that the torture would stop.

Human rights organisations such as Amnesty international complain this folter – and afpersingspraktijken in Libya for years. “These horrific practices […] are already many times documented in Amnesty reports,” says Berghmans. “Despite our reports, the European Union remains still the material, technical and logistical support to the “failed state” Libya, to the Libyan coast guard, and so on. The EU monitors are not true financial aid is going, but know that there is place of torment, that there are people starving in the Libyan detention centres for refugees.

The Amnesty should, of course, help to Libya, ” but that should not unconditionally. There should be controlled may be that people are not being tortured, and there must be a humane asylum system. Libya does not have an asylum system at this moment.’

‘Dark web’

On december 12, published by Amnesty International most recent report on Libya entitled ” Libya’s dark web or collusion’. Therein lays the human rights organisation that ” European governments are deliberately complicit in the torture and abuse of tens of thousands of refugees and migrants by Libyan immigration authorities in horrible circumstances, be detained in Libya.’

In the introduction of that report states that according to calculations of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) towards the end of september 2017 416.556 migrants in Libya were, and that there are an estimated 20,000 migrants are locked up in the detention centers of the Department of Combating Illegal Migration (DCIM). That department was founded in 2012 within Home Affairs, migration flows into Libya in an organisation.

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