Tourists in Swiss cave blocked

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Due to unexpected rising tide, sit seven tourists and a guide is blocked in a Swiss cave. It comes to Swiss between 25 and 55 years old that, according to the police.

Saturday was the group departed for an excursion of two days, including bivouac, in the famous cave of Hölloch ” in the Muotatal in canton Schwytz. The tourists were given the guidance of a qualified caver.

By a rising tide, the group was able to Sunday to the enormous cave system is not more abandoned. They were 3 km from the exit in a safe place for their bivouac save, are well-equipped and the temperature of six degrees. No one was injured.

Monday, four rescue workers to them after a journey of eight hours through an alternative entrance is reached. They worked under more psychological assistance. Only cavers, and so no tourists can have discerning entrance to use.

May be reduces the mass of water only Tuesday, so that the eight then and only then, the cave can leave.

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