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The red Devils know Wednesday their opponents in the brand new UEFA Nations League

46403cd1646e91a4f699f1774966020b - The red Devils know Wednesday their opponents in the brand new UEFA Nations League

Wednesday (12) in the Swiss Lausanne the draw take place for the UEFA Nations League, the new landencompetitie in september 2018 begins.

Thanks to their high UEFA coefficient, which sent the Red Devils in pot 1 of the A-division, along with Germany, Portugal and Spain. The A-division is the highest of the four divisions in the league in the place of the friendly international matches. The troops of Roberto Martinez will compete against a team from pot 2 (France, England, Switzerland or Italy) and one from pot 3 (Poland, Iceland, Croatia or the Netherlands).

In that way, four groups with three countries formed. The groepsmatchen be played in september, October and november 2018. The four group winners in the A division punches through to the UEFA Nations League Finals (semi-finals, troosting and final) in June 2019. The four countries in their group on the last place finish, pockets to the B-division. The red lanterns from divisions B and C degrade also, the group winners of B, C and D are promoted to a higher division.

In each of the four divisions is a ticket to earn money for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS of 2020. In a play-offronde, which takes place in march 2020, is fighting the group winners to do this. As a poulewinnaar all through the common european CHAMPIONSHIPS-preliminary round, it will be replaced by the next highest ranked team.

The UEFA Nations League was on march 27, 2014 unanimously adopted at the UEFA congress in the Kazakh capital Astana. The new league was created to be the interlandvoetbal more attractive, given the low popularity of the oefeninterlands.

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