The extreme right-wing is in need of major maintenance

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Of Ukip about the Dutch PVV to the French FN: everywhere in West-Europe camps the traditional extreme right-wing parties with wear problems. What is going on?

The traditional extreme-right parties in Europe are to survive? On the basis of what there is in our neighbours to the hand, it does not seem illogical to this conclusion.

Ukip is on finance gasping its last …

The traditional extreme-right parties in Europe are to survive? On the basis of what there is in our neighbours to the hand, it does not seem illogical to this conclusion.

Ukip is on finance gasping its last

The pijnlijkst is the kladderadatsch for Ukip, the party that succeeded the Brits for a Brexit to choose. This achieved the then chairman, Nigel Farage, his ultimate goal. For Farage, reason enough to hand over his responsibilities.

But Ukip was Farage and so is the party since then finance gasping its last. In barely 1.5 years the party succeeded in any political relevance to lose. In the parliamentary elections last year, suffering them a humiliating defeat. She took out another 1.8 percent after chairman Paul Nuttall resigned.

The only way to get in the news is by internal quarrels. European members of parliament with each other on the fist went, the presidents, which, after a couple of days – Diane James that Farage succeeded kept it exactly filled days – knocked the towel into the ring, threw, or – even worse – a president who does not want to blow, even if he has a vote of no confidence on his leg.

Marney and Markle

That last is the problem. Against Henry Bolton – that Nuttall succeeded – is a motion of censure submitted. Bolton came into disrepute after the publication of racist sms about the fiancé of prince Harry, Meghan Markle. Not Bolton has made this mistake, but his ex-girlfriend, Jo Marney. According to the 25-year-old toplessmodel is Markle ‘a small stupid actress’ who is ‘obsessed by race’. Marney is convinced that Markle ‘the seed of the royal family will tarnish’, a ‘black British king’ and a ‘moslimpremier’ result

Bolton tried the damage for himself and to reduce it by to put an end to the relationship, but it took the leadership is not satisfied. She served yesterday’s motion of censure in which the fate of the president in hands of the party members. In a special partijbijeenkomst they should vote.

However, it seems not to. Who is also the head of is, is no one in the party to revive him. Without Farage is Ukip doomed. And Farage does not seem to plan the lines in our hands. He earns his bread still in the European Parliament, and his voice, he can sound through columns in the Daily Telegraph, and through his radio show. “I doubt if I even return to the frontline,” he says today.

The leader and his party

Ukip is a typical example of a party that fully coincides with the founder. That way, the party lost lost. An even more extreme example of that symbiosis is the PVV in the Netherlands. There is Geert Wilders, even the only member of the party.

Wilders still has the ambition for the Netherlands to reign, but he gets no chance. Although there is no formal cordon sanitaire around the party, is that in practice it’s not the case. No one wants the PVV in a coalition. This became clear after the parliamentary elections of last year. The PVV became the second party, but was never invited for coalitiegesprekken.

And it looks like Wilders now the price to pay for it. Many voters realize that a PVV-voice a lost voice. In addition, they come with Thierry Baudet a viable alternative at hand. Baudet is more constructive and less radical than Wilders. Baudet will never posit that all mosques in the Netherlands, the doors must close.

Wilders runs up against its limits

‘The nieuwrechtse future is no longer to Wilders, but Baudet’, said de Volkskrant. The newspaper went to two big meetings, one of the PVV and one of the Forum for Democracy of Baudet.

Baudet organised ‘a national brainstorming session’ on solutions for immigration and integration issues. 2000, especially young people, were excited to help. A day later, there was a PVV demonstration against the cabinet of mark Rutte and the islamization of the Netherlands on the program. Came here 700 people slogans chanting.

But according to the UK reporter, some participants felt that Wilders ‘own political-tactical ignorance and opposition of the political elite against the limits of its possibilities seems to be of opinion’. They found a transition to the energetic newcomer Forum for Democracy is not a bad idea.

That wear is on Wilders shows from the polls. The PVV boils backwards, while Baudets Forum the wind in the sails. The party of Baudet starts with 12 to 16 votes, the PVV to come, that terugzakt of the current 20 to 15 to 19.

National Front needs to reinvent itself

Also Marine Le Pen seems to suffer from wear and tear. The National Front has her defeat in the second round of the presidential elections very poorly digested. Since then, the party primarily engaged in the handling of internal clanoorlogen. It came to a rift between Le Pen and her right-hand man, Florian Philippot. That is a private movement, and Le Pen is hard to find a second breath for her FN. At the beginning of march, the party should get a new name, but the question is whether they can reinvent.

On the German AfD is no wear to sit. The party will only beep once, but since its inception, but with tribal wars: the moderates against the radicals. in early december, the radical wing of the cloth. But that means that the growth of the AfD considerably curtailed. The number of Germans that feels called to choose an openly racist discourse remains limited.

Also the right-wing radical Finns contend with that problem. Last year was the Finnish Party in 2015 the second largest was in two parties apart: a radical and a more moderate one.

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