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Terugkijkrecord for The Luizenmoeder

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Never before has a tv program so often back as the first episode of The luizenmoeder. Many as 750,000 people watched the comedyserie until after it already aired.

In total saw now 1.6 million people, the deliberate delivery of The luizenmoeder. That record is probably because the series with Jennifer Hoffman extreme amount of attention it got after the first broadcast. Writers/actors: Diederik Ebbinge and Ilse Warringa were a guest at De wereld draait door and tv reviewer Angela de Jong crossed the loftrompet in the AD and in home cooked apple pie.

The second episode of The luizenmoeder drew Sunday night to 1.4 million viewers. At that number not the deferred viewers. The delayed viewing is since ten years measured.

Sharp humor

Avrotros is in its strong links with the figures. Head of drama Mylène Verdurmen: “It is always our intention to of The luizenmoeder a series to create that oh-so-politically correct zeitgeist in the Netherlands on nefarious manner. We are really very pleased that the enlarged and embarrassing situations at a Dutch school for many, so familiar have proved that the sharp humor is understood.”

One thing from The luizenmoeder that now followed is) welcome song of miss Ank.

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