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Stop Ed Sheeran soon to be singing?

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As soon as the British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has children, he stops with music. And that he wants as quickly as possible, ” he says in an interview with The Daily Star.

Ed Sheeran seems to be a new focus in his life: a family. Saturday, the 26-year-old ‘Shape of You’-singer the wedding with his childhood sweetheart Cherry Seaborn (24), and that was already a great success. ‘Just before the new year, we have engaged, ” wrote the singer in a photo on Instagram. “We are very happy and in love. And our cats are also satisfied.”

But Sheeran thinks bigger than just cats and a wife. The singer wants children as soon as possible. ‘Preferably more than one. And very soon”, sounds. And that will have a serious impact on his career. The singer is not planning to have his ambitions than on the same high profile.

“As soon as there are children, I would have them focus. Then I’m not more involved with music, ” he announces. “That is very logical as your father is.’ His numbers will no longer be his priority. He also gives to now been less involved, ‘because I’ve already achieved far more in life than I’d ever dare to think.’

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