Sounds like the voice of the White House after ‘shutdown’

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The Us government is since Saturday in ‘shutdown’. The blame for this lies in the American president Donald Trump with the Democrats. And that let him not only on Twitter brands, but also on the voicemail of the White House.

The Senate of the United States became the last week, not even about the budget. That was not approved, with the result that the government is in ‘shutdown’. Federal agencies close, then (temporarily) the doors, as staff temporarily can not be paid.

The shutdown came after the majority of 60 senators for a new budget was not met when only 50 senators pro voted. Republican senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said after the vote that the shutdown is due to “a cynical decision” of the Democrats, although the Republicans were against the new budget had voted.

Also according to Trump, is the shutdown the fault of the Democrats. This is also evident in the voice of the White House. Who is it calling, get the message: “unfortunately your call is not answer, because the Democrats in Congress, the state funding – including funding for our troops and other priorities of national security – hostage to keep for a debate on immigration that this has nothing to do. This obstacle is the government shutdown. We look forward to your phone calls to answer when the government re-open’.

Multiple journalists have the number in the meantime called on the phone and confirm that the voicemail is indeed real. After the message about the voice mail on social media about attempted also a lot of people to the White House to call.

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