‘Shutdown ‘ today and beyond’

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It seems that the ‘shutdown’ of the U.s. government after the three days pass will be.

In the United States is Friday night at midnight local time (Saturday, 6 pm (Belgian time) the so-called ‘government shutdown’ will be entered. As a result, most government services are frozen, with the exception of ‘essential services’, such as the state security or the FBI. Such a shutdown would cost the U.S. reportedly 6.5 billion dollars (5.3 billion euros) per week, and so had both Democrats and Republicans best interest to as quickly as possible to find a way out.

That seemed Monday to be found. ‘Within a few hours, the government will re-open, ” said opposition leader Chuck Schumer at the start of the Senaatsvergadering. That means that a majority for a law will vote that the temporary funding of the federal state. Last week, refused the Democrats that yet, because they are the first protection measures for the so-called ‘Dreamers’ forests, which run the risk of deportation.

Really long is the American government, however, not roses. The anticipated funding runs only until 8 February.

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