Puigdemont is the only candidate for the Catalan government to lead

5c674e6deefefa893735f07dd775eaa1 - Puigdemont is the only candidate for the Catalan government to lead

The president of the Catalan parliament, Roger Torrent, the current leader of Carles Puigdemont formally addressed himself to follow. There are no other candidates. All he wants now, with the Spanish prime minister consult about the appointment.

Puigdemont fled after the controversial referendum on Catalan independence to Belgium for fear of arrest in Spain. Currently, he brings out a visit to Denmark, where he is a debate about the future of his region to attend.

The central government in Madrid, which is the region under receivership, had previously already know that in the appointment of Puigdemont to the supreme court would attract. She wants at all costs to prevent Puigdemont again comes to power. According to the Spanish prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, is it also illegal for the government from abroad. But with a return to Spain would Puigdemont immediately be arrested, has already been announced.

Torrent now wants to discuss with Rajoy to the situation”. Torrent, himself to the separatist left-wing party ERC belongs, wrote a letter to the prime minister. He proposes to meet each other so as to come to a solution about the ‘abnormal situation’ in which the region is located. Torrent want on this subject in Brussels to come and talk with Puigdemont, and in the Spanish prison with the seperatistische leaders that are held

Puigdemont had already announced that his government at the end of the month through a video conference will propose, or by a representative will be replaced.

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