Puigdemont arrived in Copenhagen

7ffc254a714518380e8ac63f816bbd2e - Puigdemont arrived in Copenhagen

The former Catalonian minister-president Carles Puigdemont Monday morning arrived in the Danish capital Copenhagen. The Spanish public prosecutor wants him arrested.

Puigdemont rose shortly before 7 o’clock at the airport of Charleroi and landed around 8.20 pm in Copenhagen, with a flight of Ryanair, according to the Catalan newspaper La Vanguardia.

In the Danish capital, he wants to a debate at the university participate under the title ‘Catalonia and Europe at a crossroads for democracy?’.

The Spanish public prosecutor let know that it is the former Catalonian minister-president went to arrest him if he to Denmark travel.

The Spanish Supreme court issued an international arrest warrant against Puigdemont, but pulled again in order to avoid that he is in Belgium asylum would get. The office would now ask again the command to issue.

It is the first time that Puigdemont Belgium leave since his arrival in October.

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