Kurds gain ground on by Turkey-backed rebels

887d23cf50e83a0f43d33056f1b5c352 - Kurds gain ground on by Turkey-backed rebels

Kurdish fighters have Monday the majority of the area taken the day before by Turkey-backed rebels was taken. The Kurdish media centre in Afrin said that the recapture of the border with Turkey in Northern Syria, six by Turkey-supported rebels were killed.

Report that Kurdish officials and media. According to the from Great Britain, global website Sohr came on the last day, 21 people, including six children, in Turkish bombings and attacks in the region. Turkey says it has no citizens concerns. The ‘Turksgezinde’ rebels consist primarily of militiamen from the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

Ankara wants to use the Saturday launched offensive, Operation olive branch (called the units of the Kurdish Volksbevrijdingseenheden (YPG), who have ties with Turkey as a terrorist organisation as stained-glass PKK from the border region to dislodge.

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