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Henry Onyekuru: “I hope to be there during the play-offs.”

ff75bf914352b2a2edbc07a64fa7ddbc - Henry Onyekuru: “I hope to be there during the play-offs.”

Champion Anderlecht does not take into account more with a return of Henry Onyekuru in the Belgian fields, but the Nigerian remains ambitious. “I hope to be there at the end of the season,” let Onyekuru, which is currently for revalidation at his moederclub Everton, on the website of the Caramels again.

Anderlecht succeeded this summer in Henry Onyekuru for a season to rent the English football club Everton, that he had weggeplukt in Eupen. With nine goals in nineteen league games was the Nigerian, more than once, a glimmer of light at the questing Anderlecht. Until 22 december in the game against Eupen, fate stroke and Onyekuru a severe knee injury suffered.

At first it looked like his season is over, but sees himself Onyekuru different. “It was indeed bad. I was very worried, but since I have the rehabilitation’m started, the better. Fortunately, was the injury not as heavy as we initially thought. I can every day to laugh. I hope that at the end of the season back on the field will be able to stand. I want the season to finish the job at Anderlecht. Afterwards, there is the preparation for the world CHAMPIONSHIPS (where Onyekuru with Nigeria hopes to be present (red).”

After the world cup following normally again a return to Everton, where he, last summer, a five-year contract signed. “I absolutely wanted to the Premier League”, known to the Nigerian. “It is not only the game but also the passion for soccer in this country. Everton is a club that always wants to win. I would like to further develop.”

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