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Heath Ledger commemorate or world records to match?

988a6ffe9b409806b3de5d6f756bbe4b - Heath Ledger commemorate or world records to match?

A topacteur that ten years ago died, we commemorate all like to have with a movie and a documentary. But you can tonight, also Maarten Vangramberen see to abandon, or a trip to the deeply divided, Blackburn.


Canvas 23.15-0.45 hour

Today it is exactly ten years ago that actor Heath Ledger died. Because it’s an endless list, we celebrate in the newspaper do not like birthdays, not even that of the dead. Documentary makers, Derik Murray and Adrian Buitenhuis did that. This portrait is one full of respect and humble buiginkjes.


Four 20.35-23.35 hours

Also Four commemorates the death of Heath Ledger, but then with a film in which he shone. Does that Ledger as The Joker in this Batmanfilm, the second in the dark Nolan trilogy.

3. World RECORD

Canvas 21.15-22.00

On september 28, 2014 finished the Kenyan runner Dennis Kimetto in the Berlin marathon in 2 hours, 2 minutes and 57 seconds. Maarten Vangramberen test include how long the pace of Kimetto itself can persist.


BBC One 21.30-22.00 hours

Research programme Panorama made in 2007 for a documentary about the British city of Blackburn, where the tensions between the different ethnic groups high climbed. Ten years later, the journalists return and take them to a place that is even more deeply divided than before. What is the impact of ethnic-religious segregation?

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