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City confirms: Kevin De Bruyne has improved contract bite, 360.000 euros per week (gross minimum wage

718e26423def4406f6098a14fa2a9627 - City confirms: Kevin De Bruyne has improved contract bite, 360.000 euros per week (gross minimum wage

A jackpot of at least 85 million euros, spread out over five years, is paid out. That is Kevin De Bruyne to wait by the signing of his new contract. Every week deserves De Bruyne, on average, 360.000 euros gross written premiums, tekengeld and income from rights included. In the good weeks he can more than 400,000 euros gross earning. And in season, giving City the title, the FA Cup and the Champions League may be the sum even to rise to 440,000 in euro. It makes him, together with Sergio Agüero to the topverdiener of Manchester City.

The Bruynes contract runs over five years and takes effect from next season. To the summer soccer De Bruyne to the terms of his old contract. That is a basissom of 130,000 euros per week with premiums (for example, for title, Champions League and so on) can amount to € 200,000. He was in his new contract, twice as much can earn is in the first place, to its excellent performance and statistics, but also to some favourable conditions. So has the British pound significantly lost value since the signing of the previous contract. The new commitment compensates for the lost revenue by the Brexit.

The first exploratory talks on a new contract began at the end of last season and the actual negotiations began after the zomertransferperiode. For De Bruyne negotiated his friend and agent Patrick De Koster. The Bruynes contract runs until the summer of 2023, he will then be 32. By a long-term contract with the City to connect The Bruyne committed his best years to the club from Manchester to play. Coach Pep Guardiola sees the Belgian as an extension of himself on the site and a future captain. The contract of the current captain Vincent Kompany (31) will expire in 2019, while other decisive players, the threshold of 30 approaching or have passed. David Silva and Fernandinho, 32, and Sergio Agüero this year to 30.

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