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Zulte Waregem and know what winning is and pushes KV Mechelen even deeper in the pit

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Zulte Waregem live again. The West-Flemish locks, 2017 with a dramatic series of 4 to 36. But 2018 was deployed with a victory, the first since October 28,… KV Mechelen. On the field of the also troubled KV Mechelen went Essevee with 0-2 win, after late goals from The fauw and Harbaoui. Sander Coopman was the luminary for the visitors with two beautiful assists. Zulte Waregem remains the 14th, but runs out on Eupen and Malinwa. For the red cross is still a hard season.

Phew, Eupen had lost. Imagine that the Oostkantonners had gestunt to Standard. Than did KV Mechelen and Zulte Waregem with an even larger egg for the start of their directly degradatieduel. To be effective a degradatieduel was, fell also on to make out the constellations. Both coaches exchanged more than a half-team – six-players – in comparison with the previous match day. The home team were newcomers Mera, Tainmont and Beqiraj immediately to the kick-off, with the visitors it was the same thing for Marcq and Harbaoui. Derijck, recovered from a knee injury, was there for the first time since October 22.

“One for twelve”, had a Zipper, leader of KV, advance said. But not all team mates seemed to have understood – when Vertenten the match going, whistled, stood some still to seeds. After 5 minutes he had already 0-2, but on the other side was also The Peacock is still not awake. He was given a two hundred percent chances in reference to Kaya and Harbaoui, but failed each time, eye-to-eye with Coosemans. Expensive misses.

Basisspelers suspended

The fans of KV put their best foot forward, but their team had the incredibly difficult. To duels to win, to be in possession of the ball, to be at odds,… Along the line had to Janković several curses, he saw Zipper and El Messaoudi also yellow cards up after they were too late come. Then, gradually, Essevee, the pace dropped bags and careless began to play, it only really became a degradatieduel. Harbaoui and Derijck insured persons also have a day off next Tuesday, by their fifth yellow card. The rest was nothing too early.

KV, that only after 33 minutes, a first luck had created – one in favour of the Mera on vrijschop of Matthys – came to be excited out of the dressing room. And with a new pawn. The society solved the newcomer Sylla the pale El Messaoudi. The Malian had to experience – he played in Ligue 1 and the Premier League – and duelkracht teach. Opportunities continued in the meantime, however, scarce. Kolovos made just for a hot score, but put in for instead of stairs. On the other hand, headlined Harbaoui on Coosemans.

Comeback Verdier

With some attacking substitutions tried both coaches still for the victory. Dury brought Leya Iseka, The Peacock had to be removed. Janković took Beqiraj to the side for comeback kid Verdier. The French striker, on his hundredth match in first class and loudly welcomed, not ninety minutes. But twenty minutes flames: that should still work. It was Iseka that – at Verdiers – extracted with a cannonball with the left. Coosemans kept his team right with a handsome reflex.

Just a little one anyway. Ten minutes before time, brought a great playing Coopman hit the ball for goal from the right. No home player found it necessary to The fauw to follow, and the captain volleyde within. 0-1, very Zulte Waregem was crazy. Five minutes later got Harbaoui the leather for his feet, the Tunesiër kicked even dry, the 0-2. Books. The men of Dury after three dark months 2018 excellent. For Malinwa, that Matthys in the slotminuut still saw failure, it is still very exciting weeks.

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