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Van der Poel gets world Cup after new demonstration in Nommay

c85c65d80ef853a2548a8212899f3139 - Van der Poel gets world Cup after new demonstration in Nommay

Mathieu van der Poel allowed himself the winner of the world Cup cyclo-cross. The Dutchman was, as so often this season, unapproachable and won with ease the cross in Nommay. World champion Wout van Aert was second, the final podium place went to Toon Aerts.

The penultimate round of the world Cup brought the riders to the Eastern French Nommay. An important event for fellow what the cost to their spot for the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Valkenburg wanted to rescue, but just as much for Mathieu van der Poel and Wout van Aert: European champion Van der Poel were, in fact, for the first time in his career, the world Cup win, Van Aert defended his last chances at the title.

Tim Merlier was the first with an eye on the upcoming world CHAMPIONSHIPS showed, because the team-mate of Wout van Aert took immediately after a fast start. Van der Poel made in the meantime, a minor flaw in the transition area, his own mechanics over to drive. The Dutchman had to foot return, while world champion and brand new Belgian champion took advantage and a little sore hit. Van Aert saw his advantage, however, soon be nullified by a slipper, and then Van der Poel and Show Aerts connection. Aerts had for the end of round two we solve a new duel Of Aert-Van der Poel could begin.

In the third round put Of Aert Dutch rival under pressure, but Van der Poel did not say a word. A moment later, went From Aert itself in the error on a gradient, after which Van der Poel a few seconds the gift was given. It was sufficient for the Dutch and European champion. Van Aert was initially still unchallenged, but at the end of lap five, the gap between the two already a half a minute.

In the background led Toon Aerts, the pursuit of the two godfathers of the cross, but so did the former European champion already more than a minute. Number four Laurens Sweeck, with a short distance to Michael Vanthourenhout, Michael Boros and Tim Merlier, followed, even though on more than a half minute. Lars van der haar, not a small name with the eye at the world cup, was at that time already out of the race disappeared after a serious crash which Francis Mourey, quintuple winner in Nommay, the biggest victim was. Also, Jens Adams, contender on a world CHAMPIONSHIP ticket, gave after a disappointing cross decided to stop working.

In the second half of the cross fell much to do. The French director decided even that a woman who jogged to a slippery slope to go down more than the cyclo crossers. Van der Poel didn’t let his heart out: under the watchful eye of grandfather Raymond Poulidor stuntte he is still a bit in the final lap and he got a sixth Wereldbekercross of the season within, which he immediately seized the title. Van Aert finished a half-minute as the second, while Toon Aerts very creditable third. He did however, have a backlog of a whopping two minutes and nine seconds.

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