The plague of knife – and bijlaanvallen plaguing Russian schools

dfc6cd58b1caed31c2ca80a09fe67507 - The plague of knife - and bijlaanvallen plaguing Russian schools

This week found at least four serious attacks take place on Russian schools with knives and axes. The government blocks chat groups which called for violence, but don’t know where to start.

Last Monday, went all the alarms in the Russian city of Perm, in the Urals. The emergency services and the police were there around 8.15 am (local time) called for ” an attack with knives’ in School no. 127.


When the agents and ambulanciers on-the-spot arrived, they found eleven students and a teacher at that knife wounds had been. The teacher, who has a deep wound in the neck, was seriously wounded to the hospital. The eleven disciples, which are not life were in danger but some have deep wounds, were taken to children’s hospital.

First, the students involved that they have two masked men had seen, and that items were stolen from the school building. Ultimately, however, showed that the two perpetrators of the stabbing itself schoolliepen in School no. 127, and also with the eleven, wounded, students learned that in the children’s hospital layers. The only thing further is certain is that the two teenagers argued on the playground, their blades pulled and after a mutual fight, decided to work together on other students and using them to injure themselves. One of them would have previously been a time-out have been in school because he has psychological problems and would be on the internet boasted about how great he the shootings in American schools found.

Chelyabinsk and Moscow

Even before the police vessel could get on the case, found Wednesday in a bizarre attack in Chelyabinsk, where a 16-year-old on one of his older peers got off, a knife bovenhaalde and him neerstak. According to teachers and classmates picked on the stabbed pupil regularly younger students and he took out of mischief, but he had no criminal record.

A day later, a janitor in the Russian capital, Moscow, a student, who was about to with various knives and gasoline in a school building, to stop. The boy was taken for questioning to the police station.


Much less well ended the Friday in the Siberian city of Ulan-Ude. There decided a 15-year-old student with an axe to go to school. He got a class with 13-year-olds inside and continued the attack. Five students and the teacher were seriously injured. After some time explaining to the offender the axe down and he threw a molotov cocktail into the classroom. He then tried himself on fire.

The emergency services were badly perpetrator cpr and took him to the hospital.

Is there a connection?

The Russian public prosecutor’s office sent after the events in Siberia, initially issued a press release that there is no connection between the various attacks. A few hours later communicated to the Russian authorities, however, through various news agencies, including Tass and Ria Novosti, that a connection ‘not unlikely’.

Internetwaakhond Roskomnadzor announced Friday together with the ministry for Communication drastic onlinemaatregelen to further incident prevention. In concrete terms, the internetwaakhond looking to chat groups where being called and turned to violence. Young people should have each other there to encourage to take revenge on bullies, enemies, and teaching staff. Though it seems to be the tentative search for a needle in a haystack because there are no known, large-scale forums where this kind of things happens.

The internetwaakhond is, however, quite sure of his case. And that is not entirely illogical. When last year a zelfdodingstrend emerged in Russia with the ‘Blue Whale Challenge’, proved to be the culprit also in different chatgroepjes to sit. The perpetrators went deliberately in search of Russian teenagers who were struggling with themselves, their environment or life tout court and forced them to lurid commands. The Russian authorities do not exclude that a similar phenomenon is now online has emerged for a knife – and bijlaanvallen in schools.

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