Spanish public prosecutor threatens with arrest Puigdemont if he to Denmark travel

If the former Catalonian minister-president Carles Puigdemont Monday as announced to the Danish capital Copenhagen travel, the Spanish public prosecutor its arrest request.

That decision is remarkable, since the Spanish Supreme court last month decided to set up the European arrest warrant against Puigdemont to withdraw, leaving him outside of Spain, in principle, a free man.

Puigdemont staying for several months in Belgium. At the beginning of december was the arrest warrant against him withdrawn, making our country the Catalan politician didn’t have to deliver. Now announces the public prosecutor’s office in a communication to the investigating judge that the unilateral Catalonian declaration of independence bends, to a new European arrest warrant will ask, ‘to the Danish judicial authorities, the arrest of the accused to ask questions”.


Puigdemont is going to be Monday in a debate at the university of Copenhagen to take part, under the title ” Catalonia and Europe at a crossroads for democracy?’. In the meantime would, in Barcelona, the new president of the Catalan parliament will have to disclose who the candidate for the Catalan government. Possible that Puigdemont.

Paul Bekaert, Puigdemonts lawyer, sets Sunday afternoon, still not aware of the intention of the Spanish public prosecutor for an arrest warrant. He does not wish to comment.

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