Schulz takes a sigh of relief: political crisis in Germany turned away

f1b23920004f66b9c1c09c4a0b217bc2 - Schulz takes a sigh of relief: political crisis in Germany turned away

The delegates of the social democratic SPD have at a party congress gave the green light for the start of coalitieonderhandelingen with the christian democratic CDU/CSU of Angela Merkel. Thus, escaped Germany to a political crisis.

In the mood at the party congress in Bonn got 362 delegates of the SPD is behind the agreement that chairman Martin Schulz with But CDU and the Bavarian CSU had ended. There were 279 no-votes and one abstention.

By the approval, the party may, four months after the parliamentary elections in Germany, the government negotiations with the CDU/CDU on the formation of a “Grosse Koalition’ (GroKo) is officially starting.

Slept poorly

Still, it was the positive outcome of the vote not self-evident. Schulz gave a few days before the vote even openly admits that he does wake up lag of the outcome. That is not illogical, as prominent figures in German politics, as the mayor of Berlin, against the continuation of a ‘GroKo’ had known.

In addition to a few substantive objections – Schulz breaks two important election in the GroKo to be able to continue – also played a strategic argument: the party is according to the various heavyweights in urgent need of a linksere breath, they will never be able to find in a coalition with the party of chancellor Merkel. Schulz was during discussions with his party difficult to defend why the party itself would be better, in the continuation of the GroKo.

Merkel and Macron

Two people in the last days bad slept by the impending vote: Merkel and Macron. The two leaders can their Franco-German gear impossible to perform when Merkel is not sufficient strength in the shoes state in their own country. Macron also has a pre-agreement will be negotiated with Merkel that very well in the stall of the French fits. A new German negotiation partner, the French president thus miss as toothache.

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