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Ricky Koole about the 2nd season of Central Medical Centre

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After the success of the first season of the RTL 4-ziekenhuisserie Central Medical Centre is a sequel. Actress Ricky Koole (45), director Cleo de Waard plays, tells what we can expect. “This season is a piece of smeuïger.”

CMC began with the arrival of the new director Cleo de Waard (Ricky Koole), that the ailing hospital turn-around. Soon she discovers irregularities in the bookkeeping. There is diving fake invoices, signed with a false signature of her. Meanwhile, her alcoholic father after fifteen years in her life and she begins a secret relationship with the young neurologist, Luuk (Bram van der Heijden). Season 1 ends with a cliffhanger: Cleo finds out that the board behind the fraud and confronts board member Philippe Meertens (Hans Kesting). That makes her the choice: going to the police and may be removed or join in with the fraudulent practices and earn a lot of money.

And… Which chooses Cleo for?
“Haha, that I’m not, of course, ruin it. They will get it in any case to endure a lot this season. By the pressure on her shoulders, also her relationship with Luuk put to the test. In a general sense, this season is a piece of smeuïger.”

How were the reactions to the first season?
“It is very positive. By the diversity of actors, and guest actors that have the patients to play, the series is for all ages. Also with your children you can be great to watch. There are established names like Renee Soutendijk, Susan Visser and Hans Kesting in, but also actors that a younger audience appeal, such as Toprak Yalçiner en Lieke van Lexmond. It is very nice if you thus a broad audience is reached. Responses of doctors and nurses that I’ve not had one, but via via I heard that hospital staff has looked. There is bound to be criticism, but I understood that they liked.”

To what extent were the recordings of this season other than the first?
“The series is largely absorbed in the Doctor Jansencentrum in Emmeloord, where an entire floor especially for us, it is rented. Except that the set known to us, and we was all a bit bedrevener were, it was not very different. You will need some new scenes and scripts. In little time you have to work hard to create something great. That gives pressure, but there is also the challenge. It is also true that Robert the High the series has left. Instead, Robbert van den Bergh and Marius Mensink, who previously had a supporting role had a larger share.”

As the executive director, you will have hardly any scenes with the doctors and nurses. Pity?
“Yes and no. Through my role I have with a few actors and scenes, mostly the same. I almost never have to deal with guest actors who have the patients to play, which is indeed sometimes a pity. On the other hand, I am also glad that I have these medical terms don’t have to say, and all kinds of complicated actions have to do, because I see my colleagues there still sometimes struggle with. I am also happy that I have no uniform to wear. With my clothes I bring, so what color in the series. Incidentally, we had this season one scene where we practically with z’n all in one sitting. That tasted well.”

What do you recognise of yourself in Cleo?
“Cleo must in many ways act. As the executive director of a depressed hospital will get them with all sorts of conflicts. Meanwhile, she has a secret relationship and a difficult relationship with her father. Actually she has a lot on her plate, so she’s a bit more introverted. That I recognize a bit: if I have too much on my plate I have, I’m also a little bit inside.”

When was you last in a hospital?
“Not so long ago, when I was with my son to the ophthalmologist had. Luckily it was nothing serious and he had only glasses needed. In the waiting room, I thought: how wonderful that I am not here regularly don’t have to come. But I also realized that tomorrow will be just different.”

Central Medical Center, Sunday – 22: 00 • RTL 4

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