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Maaseik is correct Roeselare again in classic, Leuven stunt in EuroMillions Volley League

A strong, Noliko Maaseik has oververdiend the classico in their own home won. Great luminary was Jolan Cox, that a scourge was for the reigning champion. Roeselare will again be presented with a tap after the third mutual loss this season and still has a lot of work for the cup final. Noliko if a solid party build. I have also the stunt of Leuven.

A nicely stocked Stoneware Arena was ready for the clash with rival Roeselare. Maaseik took a blitzstart. Quickly ran the home team is 6-1 under the leadership of the strong serverende Cox. After the time-out were experienced rot Tuerlinckx and Verhanneman, however, and brought their team back to a dot. Serverend went Noliko now a few times, firmly grasp the fog in. The strong Blankenau found towards the end of the set, however, Bruno and Rychlicki two times perfectly, Cox killblockte Maaseik to 20-17. Roeselare-coach Rousseaux asked in vain a time-out. Tuerlinckx, served and Verhanneman knocked Roeselare weather to be at the same height, but a rare opslagmisser of the visitors gave Maaseik two match balls.

That gave Noliko own way. Cox gave Out two, which were disposed of by Tuerlinckx and co. Ultimately, it was Rychlicki that the home team after a trill, the important openingsset concerned. Earned for Noliko was simply better (28-26). Also in set two began As the best with an ace from Bruno and a killblock from Rychlicki on Tuerlinckx. In terms of game strike a razor-sharp Noliko and Cox, has again stood out (9-5).

Also receptioneel was like a house. And Roeselare, which seemed not up to speed. Only Tuerlinckx was life-threatening. He and Cox exchanged with scoring. Halfway came the reigning champion however, by (14-16). The sunken playing point guard Depovere left his team to play better, Roeselare got new energy. The strong Cox loved Maaseik, however, in the running. Also now we got a trill. Verhanneman created a setbal, Rychlicki pushed him away. The tandem Blankenau-Tammemaa killblockte again fine, but Tuerlinckx struck a moment later, a new setbal smart on the block: 1-1.


In set three went the same. Almost halfway, if Moon for the first time to show up, in the place of Bruno. The fiery captain answered very well on his limited opportunities to play gigs in the last weeks. Cox killblockte and smashte a moment later, 20-16 on the board. In the heavy slot, which the referee under fire came and Moon unnecessary yellow was Blankenau important, but what was the Maaseikse opposite Cox fantastic. What has Noliko made a purchase with the Belgian. He blasted the home side at 2-1. Superlatives deficit for what he performed. Fatigue of the Polish trip was totally not the case.

Also Moon scored in set of four very smooth for a trust playing Maaseik (7-5). Cox was still regularly on the line, Rychlicki continued hammering and Blankenau took a regular cunning score on the second button from one of the specialties of the house above. The great Tuerlinckx loved Roeselare for a moment in the track, but their spring was broken. Strong Moon and co stoomden to the third victory in a row against their great rival this season. Noliko is at the head, with a match less. Roeselare still has a lot of work for the cup final, they want this Maaseik, that a new boost was given, plugging.

Match results: 28-26, 25-27, 25-21, 25-19.
Maaseik: Blankenau, Rychlicki, Tammemaa, Bruno, Cox, Mijatovic, libero: Dronkers, Gevert, Moon.
Roeselare: Trinidad De Haro, Tuerlinckx, Coolman, Verhanneman, Van De Velde, Kindt, libero: Dejonckheere, Depovere, Van Hirtum.

Leuven stunt

Haasrode Leuven knocked in his own room rather Believe and started also excellent against number four Aalst. In no time walked the Leuvenaren to 2-0, Aalst picked up a point in a thrilling tiebreak let the home side back splash (25-23, 25-15, 14-25, 14-25, 15-13). Wim Tormans (22 points) was top scorer.

Think crawled through the eye of the needle after an early disadvantage against the strong visitors. Without top scorer Winkelmuller had the number three still had to search. Eventually Vercruysse (21 points), ensuring the three points in Menen continued (23-25, 25-21, 26-24, 25-22).

Guibertin won by hekkensluiter Amigos Zoersel, but also here the differences are small (25-27, 25-22, 22-25, 16-25). Blondeel (20 points) was top scorer for the visitors ensured Wojcik and Urnaut for 19 points.

Maaseik is next to Roeselare in cup with 33 points, but played a match less. Aalst see the top three further away after the fifth defeat of the season. Haasrode Leuven sneaks in a tip closer to the East-Flemish.

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