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Lies Visschedijk about Soof, the Series

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Soof: A new beginning is the RTL 4-vervolgserie on the two successful movies Soof and Soof 2, about the clumsy mother with an on-site restaurant. Lead actress Lies Visschedijk (44): “I’m still not on Soof forward to it.”

The Dutch Bridget Jones with a family. Thus, you would be Soof the best described. She is clumsy, looks a little meet and leads a chaotic life. But with humor, self-mockery and a lot of red wine klunst them through anything. In the eponymous movie (2013) is struggling the almost forty years of Soof with the ancient lives: is this all there is? Her cateringbedrijfje don’t really want to get off the ground, her three children take up all her time, and her husband Kasper stops especially his time in his work. She thrives on as she begins an affair with the attractive choreographer Jim (Dan Karaty), but eventually for Kasper. End good all good? Not yet.

Soof 2

In Soof 2, the follow-up movie from 2016, it seems the cake really. Kasper wants a divorce and Soof must themselves arrange. Meanwhile, it runs also on other fronts is anything but smooth. Her restaurant The Kooksoof inspires no more, the children seem to be especially busy with their tienersores and Kasper has within no time a new girlfriend. She gets in a relationship with a handsome chef, but also he can not make happy.

Soof: A new beginning

The ten-part series Soof: A new beginning goes beyond Soof 2 ended. Soof and Kasper are officially divorced. But for how long? As Kaspers ‘mancave’ uninhabitable declared, pull it temporarily in the attic with Soof and the children. That initially seems quite nice. Both for children and for Soof, so has more time to focus on her new restaurant. But a life of their own in each other’s proximity will also ask for awkward and hilarious situations. Especially when new loves come into play.

Fedja van Huêt

Compared with the two movies remained the same. The cast is virtually intact. Lies Visschedijk also bears the series with ease. Fedja van Huêt is – for the female viewers – a pleasant appearance as Soofs goofy, gentle man. Roos Dickmann replaces Lobke de Boer as Soofs teenage daughter Sascha who are going to study. A good complement Gustav Borreman and Elise Schaap as the two new loves for Soof and Kasper. Together, they create a feelgoodfamilieserie of which the viewer during the cold winter months can enjoy the warmth.

Lies Visschedijk

With love returned, Lies Visschedijk back in her role as Soof. “I think she is a very nice woman. I love her as your best friend does, including all its inconveniences. Because Soof may also bloedirritant and dom to do. She says awkward things, is in everything beyond measure, and leave too much on him, walk away. But forgive her all, because they are also warm, hospitable and resourceful. Her life is far from perfect, but she tries something. It is wonderful to play.”


The attraction lies mainly in the recognition. “I think a lot of women in her recognize. She drinks to much, eats sometimes more than is good for them. She feels insecure about her appearance, whether they did do well as a mother. Anyone know how it is when you get out of your frog jumps, and there regret, but also not, because you actually find that you were right. That is nice to look at, because that’s how I also. Only I will not a quick tent to set up, or a restaurant. I admire her. As a mother I am also many impatient than Soof. Actually she is a lot more fun than I am; her life is a lot brighter.”

Second season

She Is not afraid that after three Soof-projects only asked for the role of a clumsy woman? “Soof is a part of my personality, so I will not get a similar role to adopt for a other movie or series. I do not at all. I would like to continue to develop and do so many other things. That’s why I am also in the theatre.” A second season of the tv series Soof is already in the making, to the great joy of Groin. “I’m still not on Soof forward to it.”

Who’s who in Soof: A new beginning

Lies Visschedijk – Soof
Fedja van Huêt – Kasper
Roos Dickmann – daughter Sascha
Brent and Niek Schoemaker – twin sons Dies, and Bing
Anneke Blok – Hansel, Soofs mother
Dick van den Toorn – Gerrit, friend Hansje
Dan Karaty – Jim, a good friend of Soof
Barbara Sloesen – Joy, the kitchen helper
Elise Schaap – Josine, the building that helps the split of the house
Gustav Borreman – Mick, the neighbour
Peter Vandemeulebroecke – Didier, a charming vlogger

Soof: A new beginning, Sunday – RTL 4 • 21.00

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