Kinshasa explains internet flat after the call to proof

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In the Congolese capital Kinshasa on Sunday, all internet traffic is disabled. The voltage is cut after the call of a catholic organization, after the Sunday mass to manifest against president Joseph Kabila.

Since midnight, it is in Kinshasa is no longer possible to surf the internet, e-mail or messages to send via social media. Also on 31 december, all internet traffic will be broken even when forbidden by the authorities, a manifestation against Kabila. Anyway the when to violence.

The call for a new ‘mars’ to keep was there last week. The ‘comité laïc de coordination’ (CLC) calls for all churchgoers to take to the streets to pull with our vredestakken, our bible, our rosaries, and our kruisbeelden to the Congo to save’. The CLC is asking president Kabila to audience of his departure to announce, and the political agreement that the majority and of the opposition by the end of 2016 locks to respect.

The Congolese authorities do not, however, committed. In the whole of the capital Sunday, roadblocks thrown up, and police organized. The mars in Kinshasa by the local directors is prohibited, while in other Congolese cities are called to take to the streets.

In the Congo, are all manifestations banned after september 2016, shortly before the end of Kabila’s second and official last term of office, dozens of deaths at earlier protests. Also on the last day of 2017 people came to life after the intervention of the security services, though the authorities themselves denied.

The UN mission in Congo (Monusco) will today/Sunday observers the site and send any cases of violence and human rights violations to report.

On december 23, 2018, would the Congolese go to the polls will have to draw to a successor to Kabila to be elected.

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