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Crook apologizes all rappend about ‘whores’-statement

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The Dutch rapper Villain has after his ‘whores’-pronunciation while singing except during his show in Noordslag. ‘We rappers say bitches etc, but we find women are really no less or something.’

After Villain three ladies who gave him a lift home offered ‘kechs’ called (freely translated as whores), it seemed just to go downhill for the Dutch singer, who is particularly popular among young people. That he first a scoop on top did by claiming that everyone who is not in the fireplace and short skirts wearing ‘a kech is’ before themselves extensive to be excused, was not exactly a stroke of genius in the field of crisis communication.

The rapper now wants to prove that he regrets his vrouwonvriendelijke statements, which according to MNM-dj Karolien Debecker to sletvrees can lead – by singing to cesar. Although pre-announced on Facebook that young people who are concert Saturday would attend with beer would throw, it flew there are no single cup in the direction of the rapper. That may have to do with the fact that Villain his opponents a step ahead.

‘Wow, I love you’

The rapper had a rhyme prepared and asked his audience to sing along. “I want to again express my sincere apologies,” a Villain on the Noorderslag festival in Groningen. “I take exception to me far from what I said. Note, however: I will never be your ideal son-in-law, it’s just Criminal, man.” Then sang the audience together with the rapper and the rhyme ‘We rappers say bitches etc, but we find women are really no less or something.’

Forgive and forget seemed the tenor in the fans in the hall and there it was, the rapper is grateful for: “I knew, of course, is not how you would react. I had a little bit of excitement. But wow, I love you.’

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