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Commemoration Lies Lefever: ‘Lies has fallen and we are also

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In the cultural centre “Westrand” in Dilbeek have a few hundred people Sunday afternoon at a memorial service held for comedian Lies Lefever.

The 37-year-old woman died on January 11, after she was in the kitchen of her home in Asse fall had come. ‘Lies has fallen and we are that also, ” said Ronny Mosuse, one of the many people who have a testimony brought about the young woman.

The liturgy opened with the song ” Seal Lullaby’, brought to you by the Guild Jeugdmuzikanten while a group of children on stage, the balloons held. Then sounded the opening dance of Lies’ marriage with her partner, Joost, accompanied by a photomontage of both.


“You are again successful,’ Lies’, said a friend of her, ‘all of us together. That was what love did, at the Chiro and with the group of friends. You leave us behind with an empty feeling but inside you live.’

Several other friends of Lies Lefever and her husband also brought a testimony while her cousin the song ” Sunny sang. Reportagemaker Martin Heylen said in a video message: “Some have barbs, and they’re in your heart, but occasionally poking them a bit, but that’s okay. Lies was such a person, she was a Flemish authentic girl with an African burst of laughter.’

The attendees were also given a piece of reportage to see that Martin Heylen with Lies Lefever had made in Rwanda.

Let it be

As the last came Lies’ partner Joost itself to the word.

“I have you Friday for the last time and ask whether you are always our wedding ring wanted to wear,” said he to his wife. ‘I then the bride kissed, and we directly proceeded to the first dance. For the last time, cheerful greetings.’

In conclusion sang the whole room ‘Let it be’ by the Beatles.

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