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Achmed Akkabi about Moordvrouw

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In the new season of Moordvrouw is everything else, except the hard core of characters. After the abolition of the office, gave the detectives their pennies in. End of story? No, not yet. The team needs to be himself all over again to invent. Achmed Akkabi tells.

Everything else, you find that pleasant?
“The team is no longer part of the police, we are now a complete slave unit. We do nothing more in command of the blue, on the contrary. Also in terms of crew, we have some new people, see you back in the style of the series. I think it’s fine that the show a complete make-over. That keeps it exciting, but it also indicates that the transmitter is risk with us dare to take. At the end of the sixth season, they had also can say: here, stop it.”

You have previously with the new writers Alma Popeyus and Hein Schütz worked for the film Brothers. Does that feel familiar?
“No, not really. This series and the film differ so materially from each other that you can’t compare. It is nice to have a little bit surprised by new writers. Although it must of course be in the line of the character remain. Luckily we get a lot of participation. If something you don’t like reading from the script then there is always room to change it.”

What gets Bram all for are choose?
“Bram continues to be the guy that air in the throws when needed. He is and remains the ideal assistant for Fenna. I am happy with his storylines. He gets a gambling addiction, and he’s going undercover, that are cool things to play.”

You still tutoring for the police?
“No,that is really not necessary, especially because we don’t see more of the police. In the first few years, we sometimes comment on the way in which we have a weapon held or so. But I always say: it remains drama. You can on tv never in the vicinity of the real work. In the real agents especially in the office and they run some rounds through the neighborhood, from a dramatic point of view, not very challenging. Than zapping everyone after about two minutes away.”

Which scenes do you like the most to play?
“Do as I do but live-action, running, flying and much stuntwerk. Waiting on the set I find really terrible. I try with full energy. For me, a day is successful if I broke to go home.”

Where are you still involved with?
“At this moment I am busy with the preparations of my own series, Mocro mafia in October with RTL to see. But there may I say. Have patience.”

Moordvrouw, Sunday – 20.00 • RTL 4

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