Who pays the political price for the shutdown?

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The Democrats are laying the blame for the government shutdown on the Republicans, and vice versa. The long-term commitment of the fight, for both parties, the mid-term elections for the House of Representatives and the Senate in november.

In november, the Americans again go to the polls. They then choose an entirely new House of Representatives, and one-third of the Senators. Both in the House and in the Senate the Republicans …

In november, the Americans again go to the polls. They then choose an entirely new House of Representatives, and one-third of the Senators. Both in the House and in the Senate the Republicans today, the majority. The Democrats hope that in november, again the majority in the Senate to conquer, where the Republicans now have a majority of one seat.

The finance act in order to avoid the government without money would fall, was easily approved in the House, where the Republican majority is comfortable. But in the Senate, 60 of the 100 votes are needed, and that the Republicans are not. There were so Democratic votes are needed to get the act through, which means that negotiations had to be. All the more so because a number of Republican senators not for the law, agreed.

The Democrats threw the DACA – abbreviation for Deferred Action on Child Arrivals in the battle. That is the program that president Obama, by presidential decree entered, by which young immigrants who as a child in the U.S. arrived but who have no documents – they are ‘dreamers’ – a temporary residency status and a work permit. More than 700,000 young adults, especially Latinos, are therefore protected against deportation.

President Trump ruled in september that the program from march 5 this year, being phased out, but left the door open to let it survive as there is in Congress an agreement is reached on a more comprehensive new immigration law. In the meantime, is that law still not there. A compromise that was worked out by Republican and Democratic senators, was last week fired by president Trump.

A decision to force, made the Democrats their support for the finance act dependent on a solution for the ‘Dreamers’.

A large majority of Americans, both Democrats and Republicans, is essentially for a renewal of DACA, it emerged from a poll conducted by CNN a few days ago. But 56 per cent thought it important that the government normally could keep working – so that a shutdown was avoided – that there is a solution for the Dreamers came.

The Democrats held Friday, however, foot piece, causing the shutdown was a fact. The question that the American media and analysts are now concerned, especially those ultimately to blame for the shutdown in the shoes pushed will get by the voters.

Still according to the poll from CNN explains a small half of the Americans are to blame for the current impasse with the Republicans: 26 percent hold Republicans in Congress responsible, 21 percent president Trump himself. That is not illogical: the Republicans are lord and master in both the White House and in Congress – they are also responsible for a good functioning of the public administration. But about a third (31%) thinks it’s mainly the fault of the Democrats. And 10 percent blame it on both parties.

But whether this will translate to the election results later this year, is the question. The previous shutdown of the government, in 2013, was forced by the Republicans. But that did not mean they a year later, in the mid-term elections in 2014, the majority in the Senate is regained. Possible to count the Democrats out that now that the shutdown is but a distant memory will be when the American voter to the polls draws, such as the New York Times yesterday noted. November is still far away.

The current impasse illustrates once again how divided American politics. Republicans nor Democrats wanted the shutdown. Both parties want to actually DACA retained. And yet they turn out to be, especially under the influence of the hardliners in their own ranks, not able to reach an agreement. The president, who is so keen to raise as a ‘dealmaker’ Washington out of the swamp would draw, is clearly not managed. In that sense, the political responsibility of both parties and the president. American politics has himself with this spectacle, no service is proven.

If there is already cake stood to Trumps first year in the White House to celebrate, they had better not broached. Even though they are made by the best pastry chefs, they will taste bitter.

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