Two Indian teenagers died because police feared ‘for blood stains in car’

In the north of India are two teenagers died after police officers had refused to take them to the hospital, out of fear that the victims bloodstains on the seats in the police vehicle.

That report to local media Saturday. ‘There are three people suspended due to an investigation into the incident, ” says KS Emmanuel, the deputy inspector-general of police in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

The two boys, who are probably 17 years old, reason Friday night in the district of Saharanpur with their motorcycle against a utility pole. They came to a deep ditch. Local residents rushed to the spot to offer help and they made it to the police, but according to media reports, refused to the agents to help the victims.

“We have heard that the police vehicle arrived on the scene and refused to transport the people to the hospital. There is an investigation started, ” says superintendent Prabal Pratap Singh. ‘There may be subject to disciplinary actions on the basis of the investigation report, ” says Singh. ‘For the time being, three policemen suspended.’

In the end, local residents tried to the young people with a motorized rickshaw to the hospital. But the two died before they arrived there, reports Hindustan Times.

On video footage of the incident, to see how one of the residents with the agents in the discussion and try to convince them. ‘Where will we be all night when our car is dirty?’, replied one of the agents.

In India, it is already some time discussed a reform of the police. The overbevraagde and poorly trained agents are regularly accused of indifference towards the victims.

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